Grain Mill

Grain Mill

Hand crafted, built to last many years, it has new improved self-cleaning stones with razor sharp stainless steel cutting edges cracking the kernel of grain; eliminating grit in the flour and wear on the stone. Its unique design actually places the steel burr inserts inside the stones. As the grain passes into the grinding wheels, it’s cracked by the stainless steel burrs then passes out into the stones where it is finely ground.

Grinds wheat, rye, oats, millet, barley, soybeans, corn, rice, buckwheat peas, beans, alfalfa, clover or any seed, oily or dry. You can adjust the grinder yourself! With a simple lever on back of motor it quickly adjusts to desired grind for fine flours or coarse cereals.

   Deluxe Golden Grain Grinder Features:

-- Stainless Steel Flour Drawer holds 6 1/2 qt. of flour - easy to keep clean.

-- Flour is not blown while grinding, thereby retaining most of the food value which would be lost through oxidation.

-- Simple "ON/OFF" Switch.

-- No flour on the table after grinding - internal design puts all the flour in the stainless steel drawer.

-- Grinds up to 60 pounds per hour.

-- Hopper holds 7 cups of grain.

-- Dimensions: 15"H 18"L 13"W.

-- Weight: 51 lbs.

-- Warranty: 5 Years on the parts and motor under normal use.

-- Can be easily hand powered with an attachable handle (sold separately - cost $15.95).

-- 3/4 Horse Motor with no bushing to wear out.

-- Early American Bi-Centennial design, beautifully created by quality craftsmen with years of experience in wood products. Light Walnut finish.

-- Price may vary upon the location of the delivery. But usually around $515.00 (Shipping and Insurance included). If you order directly then it will cost you $599.00 + Shipping. So you save around $145.00 per Grinder by ordering through us. For more information please call (405) 691-0223.

-- 100’s of satisfied Gujarati customers throughout US (Jai Bharat LA and many more).